Refer a friend, earn $50 and up to $5,000

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When your friend orders samples, you receive $50

When your friend starts a production order, earn up 5% of their order value up to $5,000

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What do we offer?

Receive $50 when your friend orders the first sample

And earn 5% of their first purchase order, up to $5,000 when your friend starts a production order

$50 in cash
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How do I know who to refer?

Established companies

We work with Fortune100 brands like Under Armour and Red Bull to help them quickly develop new products. As long as they produce apparel, we will be a great partner.

Emerging brands & creators

From fast growing streetwear brands to female athleisure to the next big YouTuber, we work with them all. We can also help them finance their inventory.

New entrepreneurs

For new entrepreneurs looking to create their next big thing, we can help them get started. If they’re looking to create in the apparel industry, we’re their partner.


Our clients’ case studies

Refer a friend, earn $50 and up to $5,000