How ARQ expanded into a new sock categry

And why they used Melengo to mange the entire development and manufacturing process

increase in daily sales
increase in daily sales
increase in social media following
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Melengo helped us launch the new collection in a way that we couldn't have on our own. They not only saved time but made the process easy and more affordable than if we were to do it ourselves.



Organic cotton essential and intimates DTC brand wanted to expand their product offering into the accessories category, socks. The brand spent over two years working with its existing factory partners to get initial sock samples but failed. Melengo led the development process from the yarn stage to the finishing by creating a sourcing and GTM plan. The learnings from this project were translated into an SOP and was implemented in other new category expansions, which lead to multiple successful launches.


Needed to expand sales

An organic cotton basics and intimates DTC brand aimed to enhance its product lineup by introducing accessories that could generate additional revenue at strategic price points. However, the brand had outgrown its existing supply chain base and required streamlined processes and suppliers to scale operations. To address this challenge, the project focused on developing a customized yarn, implementing new development processes, and onboarding strategic factory partners.


Melengo handled the entire process from tech packs to quality control after bulk production

Since implementing Melengo, Abigail and her team noted 3 things that helped ARQ launch the new sock line:

Benefit #1: Since day one, Melengo collaborated closely to define the product

Melengo collaborated closely with the ARQ team to establish a detailed product brief and roadmap. Leveraging internal development plans and performance goals, a project scope was defined to guide the strategic suppliers in executing the vision. The Melengo chat streamlined this process and the in app production planning made each part easily to manage.

Benefit #2: Melengo handled material and factory sourcing

ARQ chose from a library of materials and suppliers based in the North America region. Thorugh Melengo's vetted supplier network, the team was matched with the right supplier who had the right yarn and manufacturing capabilities.

Benefit #3: Melengo takes care of all the manufacturing

Melengo successfully delivered a custom sock within a six-week timeframe, from yarn selection to launch. We provided comprehensive information to the DTC brand's development team, covering everything from cotton yarn count to engineered knit construction.

Melengo does a great job taking care of the entire process - from tech packs to bulk production. Being able to trust them frees my team and I up to work on delivering value to our customers. – Abigail, Owner at ARQ


New development process provided transparency & double-digit sell-through performance

Our aim was to facilitate new product development relationships between suppliers and buyers with minimal friction points. Our project management tools ensured transparency throughout the development process, eliminating potential roadblocks. Additionally, we leveraged our relationships to acquire exclusive behind-the-scenes content assets, which were used in the brand's GTM strategy on social media platforms prior to the launch. As a result, the brand achieved a remarkable sell-through rate of forty percent on the first day.

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