How Daniel Patrick created and launched a best-selling line in 5 weeks with Melengo

Plus, how they used Melengo financing to pay for all of the inventory

5 weeks
from idea to launch
sales of the new collection
saved in development and production costs
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Melengo provided me with product creation solutions, manufacturing support, and financing to start and scale our commercial collection, SURPLUS. Partnering with Melengo and the product team — it frees me up to make whatever I want and it takes away the limitations on what's possible.

Daniel Patrick


Daniel Patrick is a luxury streetwear brand created by Australian born American designer Daniel Patrick. Since it's inception in 2011, it has gained a celebrity following that includes Justin Bieber, Steve Aoki, Bad Bunny and NBA stars such as James Harden, who Daniel worked with on limited-editions sneakers for Adidas.

Daniel's designs draw inspiration from his love of hip hop music, sports, and desert hikes — combining his athletic background (as a former pro rugby player) with a minimal and militant appeal. As the brand continues to scale into its ambitions of becoming the next "Ralph Lauren" lifestyle brand, they partnered with Melengo to launch a new diffusion line and scale up their product offering.


Wanted to launch a new line, but didn't have the resources or manufacturing expertise

Daniel Patrick wanted to create a new product collection inspired by his favorite local vintage and army surplus stores. Daniel had product ideas and wanted them to be quickly executed for launch. SURPLUS was born out of Daniel's vision to marry old-world craftsmanship with a modern fit.

Melengo gave us the ability to launch our diffusion line which is actually going to be our bread and butter. Not that we couldn’t have done that ourselves, but having the support of Melengo and the team that you guys have – it frees me up to actually make whatever I want and it takes away the limitations on what’s possible too. It gives us the ability to make a product that we can sell in volume.

Turning Daniel's ideas into CADs & Tech Packs


Melengo stepped in to manage the entire process

Before partnering with Melengo, Daniel Patrick managed new product development mostly in-house, relying on a limited network and facing constraints in production capabilities and financing. Melengo was able to offer a comprehensive suite of services that addressed Daniel Patrick's challenges head-on:

Before Melengo I was doing it all ourselves - from designs to tech packs to sampling to production. After our first meeting, a week later we came up with the SURPLUS line and we launched that within 5 weeks. Now it's going to be our go to brand for the brand.

Benefit #1: Melengo as an extension of your product team

Melengo's expert production team was available for Daniel 7 days a week to bounce new ideas, share trend insights, and provide feedback on CADs. When Daniel had a sample he created in house, Melengo sent him complimentary shipping labels so that the sample could be turned into a tech pack for bulk production.

I love new products. I message Melengo everyday, even on the weekends with new product ideas, new CADs, new samples. Melengo has sent me a number of labels so I can send a fresh sample to get teched up so that we can start a fast production run. This is what is so exciting. Having the free reign as a creative to bounce ideas and see those quickly executed for you. – Daniel Patrick, Founder & Designer

Benefit #2: Melengo allows for expansive product development

The biggest benefit has been Melengo's capability and capacity to create new products for Daniel Patrick. Partnering with Melengo has freed up Daniel to focus on what he does best as a creative and designer. Melengo helped Daniel quickly turn his sketches and ideas into samples at a lower cost than if he were to do it in house or with another vendor.

Working with Melengo has fundamentally changed how we approach product development. Before, we were somewhat confined, doing everything in-house, which had its charm but also significant limitations. With Melengo stepping in, it's like we've been handed the keys to a much larger, more versatile workshop. It gives us the ability to not just dream bigger, but to execute those dreams at a scale we previously thought unreachable.  – Daniel Patrick, Founder & Designer

Benefit #3: Melengo has existing manufacturing partnerships

Daniel needed new manufacturing partners to launch his SURPLUS diffusion line and didn't have the time or resources to vet new suppliers on his own. Melengo used its vetted manufacturing network to match Daniel with the perfect partner based on his target price point and specifications. The bulk production price point offered to Daniel was at a lower cost than if he were to find a factory on his own.

Once the production process began, Melengo kept Daniel in the loop via the Melengo dashboard with status updates or if there were any questions the factory had.

Melengo's network opened up new possibilities for us. Previously, we were constrained by what was available locally in LA, but with Melengo, we've been able to explore a wider range of fabrics and techniques that just aren't accessible here. It's not just about expanding our manufacturing options; it's about elevating the quality and uniqueness of our products. – Daniel Patrick, Founder & Designer

Benefit #4: Melengo provided flexible financing solutions

Prior to Melengo, Daniel Patrick was having cash flow issues as they were figuring out how to grow the brand. Melengo's financing solutions provided Daniel Patrick with the much needed liquidity to fund their production orders at lower rates than anywhere else.

The repayments on those bad loans would eat up our cash flow, but with Melengo, we found a partner that helped us finance our inventory more effectively. Having them be not only a production partner, but help on the financing side will give us the ability to create a massive brand. – Daniel Patrick, Founder & Designer


Melengo launched Daniel Patrick's collection in 5 weeks, in time for the holidays

The collaboration between Daniel Patrick and Melengo led to the successful launch of the SURPLUS line within just 6 weeks of their first meeting. With Melengo's partnership, Daniel Patrick envisions SURPLUS growing into a lifestyle brand with the potential to generate over $100 million per year.

The future looks bright. I'm excited to grow with Melengo. They give us the quality, the volume, and the price point that we really need to compete on a large scale. From underwear to bedding to a Lululemon-like sports line, we see SURPLUS expanding into all aspects of a lifestyle brand. – Daniel Patrick, Founder & Designer

The sold out SURPLUS collection run

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