Finding The Perfect Custom Hoodie Manufacturers: A Comprehensive Guide

Melengo Team

What makes a custom hoodie manufacturer the right fit for your business?

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Maybe you’re a new fashion brand looking to start selling hoodies. Or maybe you already have an established clothing line and are looking to expand with customized hoodies. 

Either way, you’re on the hunt for a custom hoodie manufacturer. Finding the right one for your business can be daunting, so we’ve put together this guide to help you. Let’s get into it!

Advantages of Manufacturing a Custom Hoodie

First things first: why should you choose a custom hoodie manufacturer over print-on-demand (POD) manufacturers? 

Custom hoodie makers have the specialized knowledge and expertise needed to create hoodies from scratch. You get to have a say in fabric quality, color, design, embellishments, and even the printing techniques. They’re also cost-effective and take on bulk orders. However, they do have a higher Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ).

POD manufacturers, on the other hand, simply let you customize designs on pre-made blank garments. You’ll have limited control over the production process, including fabric quality and printing methods. They also take on orders based on demand, so they have a lower MOQ, which means the cost-per-unit might be high. 

Bottom line: if you want to be involved in all aspects of the manufacturing process so that the hoodies turn out just the way you want, then customized hoodie manufacturers are your best option. 

What is The MOQ for Custom Hoodie Manufacturers?

MOQs typically vary from one manufacturer to another. Those who cater to small businesses in particular might have an MOQ of 50 - 100 pieces/ order. However, the typical MOQ is 300 - 500 pieces/ order

What is Melengo’s MOQ?

Whether you choose a hoodie manufacturer in the USA or the Asia-Pacific region, Melengo has an MOQ of 50 pieces/ order.

How Does The Hoodie Manufacturing Process Work?

Before we answer the question of how to find a hoodie manufacturer, it’s important to understand how the manufacturing process works. 

  1. Sourcing the fabric
  2. Deciding on the colors and creating a sketch of the design
  3. Creating a pattern of the desired hoodie shape and size to be used as a template for cutting the fabric
  4. Cutting the fabric using the pattern 
  5. Sewing all the pieces together
  6. Adding the details such as pockets, zippers, and other embellishments
  7. Printing or embroidery
  8. Quality control, which includes checking for fabric and stitch quality, color fastness, the finish, as well as fit
  9. Packaging and labeling 

What To Look for in a Custom Hoodie Manufacturer? 

Choosing a hoodie manufacturer who can meet your needs and deliver a product that you would be proud to put your name on is essential. Here are some things to consider before taking your pick. 

Understanding Your Needs

The first step is knowing what you want out of a hoodie. What kind of fabric would you prefer? Fleece? French Terry? Jersey Knit? This will depend on several factors: your target audience, the weather, what the hoodies will be used for, and so on. 

Next up is deciding on the things that would set your hoodies apart from that of others: hoodie design, prints and printing techniques, embellishments, and colors. Finally, based on all of these, determine a budget while leaving some room for any additional costs that may crop up. 

Now, you can move on to evaluating manufacturers based on the following criteria:

Expertise and Quality

The quality of the fabric as well as the entire production process–right from cutting and sewing to printing and labeling–is paramount. The fabric needs to be of exceptional quality and retain its shape and color even after multiple uses. And the craftsmanship needs to be immaculate. 

The knowledge and skills needed to deliver a top-notch product comes with experience and expertise, so look for a hoodie manufacturer who knows their stuff and has a proven track record. You can ask for samples as well as reviews from past customers to ensure everything is up to standards. The final product needs to be durable, accommodate your color palette, and also look good to ensure customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Customization Options

The whole point of picking a custom hoodie manufacturer is to be able to customize all the details of the hoodie to fit your needs. This includes colors, hoodie type, trims (such as drawcords or pockets), embellishments, sizes, printing techniques, tags, and logos. So, assess the manufacturer’s flexibility in customizing different aspects of the hoodie.

Production Capabilities and Timeline

You probably have a launch date in mind for your hoodie line, which means you’re going to want to get the final products ready well before that. But the production timeline can differ based on the number of pieces you order. So, assess the manufacturer’s production capabilities by gathering information about their equipment, technology, as well as workforce to ensure they have the production capacity you need. Finally, discuss a delivery timeframe that works for the both of you. 

Quality Control

A good quality control process includes inspections, testing, and adherence to industry standards. In other words, it ensures that the final product is of top-notch quality. To evaluate the manufacturer’s quality control process, you can request samples or visit their facilities.


Once all the other details are ironed out, it’s time to discuss pricing. Request a detailed quote that outlines the prices for everything, including the cost for sourcing the raw materials, labor, customization, samples, and shipping. Also discuss any possible additional costs that may arise. For instance, a rush order might cost more. Choose a manufacturer who can accommodate your budget without compromising quality. 

Regions To Manufacture Custom Hoodies

Should you choose a hoodie manufacturer from the USA or overseas? It all depends on your needs.

  • Overseas Hoodie Manufacturers. The Asia-Pacific region is a hotbed of hoodie manufacturers known for their specialized expertise. You should choose them if you’re looking for cost-effectiveness, skilled workers, large-scale production, or specific techniques. 
  • Local Hoodie Manufacturers. The U.S. and Latin American region gives you the coveted “made in USA” assurance. You should go local if you need proximity to the manufacturer to conduct quality checks easily, small-scale production needs, and faster turnaround times. 

Ready to create your very own hoodies? Leave it to Melengo to take care of everything. [Get started now]

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